Brittany Mederos

Focusing on the user, one problem at a time

I’m currently a lead interaction designer at Elementum SCM, an enterprise software startup focused on “Making supply chain simple”. Every day I work closely with product managers, stakeholders, and engineering teams to design useful, usable interfaces for logistics managers in Fortune 500 companies across mobile, web, and large-screen displays.

I fight for the user, continuously striving to inspire empathy and the creation of meaningful applications and interactions. I love to bring my team members together and go through design explorations, incorporating them in the design process. I’ve found this type of collaboration is the best path to create innovative solutions that solve not-so-obvious problems.

When I’m not designing I enjoy teaching others who are interested in design through the meetup group Designer’s Hearth Mountain View I helped co-start. Or you can find me climbing at the local Planet Granite climbing gym.

Case studies are invaluable for both you and I.

For starters, you learn about my (and my team's) process. For me, it gives me time for reflection so that I can do better in the future. Win-win. Check 'em out here:

Elementum: Transport App

Real time logistics visibility that helps Logistic managers be more proactive and spend less time tracking down spreadsheets.

interaction design - users testing - prototyping - research - web - mobile - enterprise - map visualization

Elementum: Situation Room

Designing a control room to inspire collaboration between operational teams.

interaction design - prototyping - large screen display - enterprise - data visualizations

CFPB: Paying For College

Helping Students make smarter financial decisions about college.

interaction design - user testing - prototyping - user research - web - consumer

CFPB: Yearly Strategic Plan

A new type of government report—a living document, an online interactive report—for the CFPB to send to Congress

interaction design - visual design - web - print - template design and documentation

Ah, my writing.

I typically write about interaction design patterns, specifically problems I come across day-to-day, and tips for approaching those problems if you find yourself staring them down. Here's a few recent thoughts:

The foundation of a great UX portfolio

In the past year I’ve reviewed over a hundred portfolios, mostly for “Visual Design” and “Interaction Design” positions on my team. After reviewing so many portfolios, you begin to see patterns....

The unforgettable reading list that got me into UX

It seems like ages ago: I had just learned about the world of User Experience design, and I flipped on “knowledge vacuum” mode. I scoured the internet for sites that put up UX design articles and...

Top prototyping tools for interaction designers

As an interaction designer, I need a prototyping tool that helps bring my designs to life. Functioning protoypes help inform design unlike sketches or hand-waving can. I share these prototypes...

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Where can you find me on the web?

I'm a terrible Twitterer, but I try my best over at @brim. If you're looking for my professional stuff, you might want to try LinkedIn, or catch small bits of my visual work on Dribbble. You can find my adventures (cooking, rock clibming, lots of coffee, and beach-goings) over on Instagram.

If email is your cup of tea, send me a message here; but be warned: Inbox Zero is not a common place for me.

Want to embarass me? Check out V4 or V2 (who knows where V3 and V1 disappeared to) ♥